Utilities Department

VERNAL CITY provides the following services for its residents:

WATER:   CLICK HERE: for more information on Water Fees

SEWER:   CLICK HERE: for more information on Sewer Fees
GARBAGE: Each Residence is provided with one Garbage Receptacle. An additional garbage receptacle can be added by filling out a form (PDF) for a minimum of six month.G&H Garbage Website-
Recycling: Optional service provided for Residential Customers only billed at $10/month . (6 month commitment) To signup, click on link below:Recyclops


Owner Application (link)

The owner of a home or business is required to fill out this application and provide document(s) of Property Ownership.

Renter/Lessee Application (link)

The renter of property is required to pay a deposit of $150.00 and provide a copy of Renter/lease document(s) from the owner/ or property management company.

**The OWNER of the property is required to apply for water service. Vernal City Municipal Code,Section 13.08