Alcohol Licenses

Businesses selling alcoholic beverages must obtain both city and state alcohol beverage licenses. The city license and local consent approval must be obtained prior to application for a state beer and/or liquor license. Separate licenses and fees are required in addition to a general business license. The sale of beer and/or liquor is also subject to a special (occupational) tax by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms of the U.S. Government.

Vernal City Alcohol licenses are classified as follows:

  • Class A: Off-Premise Retailer
  • Class B: On-Premise Restaurant (Beer Only)
  • Class C: On-Premise Tavern
  • Class D: Private Club 
  • Class E : Single Event
  • Full Service: On-Premise Restaurant (Beer/Liquor)
  • Beer consumption license for recreation facilities
  • Beer manufacturing license

Temporary Event 

(fee: $50.00 per day/7 days only) 

  • Full Service-on premise liquor and beer  
  •  Class “E” Beer-on premise (must be 21 older)

Vernal City alcohol licenses and the State of Utah alcohol licenses have different category types. Vernal City licenses must be approved prior to the State’s license approval. Application to the State must be complete & submitted by the 10th day of the month in order to make the State’s agenda meeting. The State’s requirements may vary on the type of license granted. 

Alcoholic Beverages Ordinance