Types of Temporary Licenses 

Temporary Sales Event

Where two (2) or more merchants display any goods, wares or services at a location in Vernal City for the purpose of sale or soliciting orders to be filled in the future for financial gain or profit Temporary Sales Event Ordinance 

Temporary Merchant

Any person, whether a resident of Vernal City or not, who, within the limits of Vernal City: Engages in a business activity exclusively from a fixed location without a permanent structural foundation selling and/or delivering goods, wares or services, and who conducts meetings open to the general public where franchises, distributorship, contracts or business opportunities are offered to the public.  Temporary Merchant Ordinance

Residential Solicitor

Door to Door Solicitation" means the practice of engaging in or attempting to engage in conversation with any person at a residence, whether or not that person is a competent individual, while making or seeking to make or facilitate a home solicitation sale, or attempting to further the sale of goods and or services.  Residential Solicitor Ordinance

Mobile Food Vendor

Includes any person utilizing a motor vehicle, or any other type of conveyance, selling prepared food items from place to place, or from street to street, carrying, conveying, or transporting prepared food items and offering or exposing the same for sale from a motor vehicle, or any other type of conveyance. A mobile food vendor shall be classified as a temporary merchant.Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance


Fireworks may be sold on or between June 23 and July 27; or between December 29 and December 31; and two (2) days before and on the Chinese New Year's Eve. Firework Ordinance

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