Taxi Cab Owner/Operator Licenses

Taxi Cab Owner

In addition to the information required on a Commercial  business license application, all applications for a  taxicab business license shall contain:

  • the make, model, year of manufacture, Utah State license plate number, and the vehicle identification number of each motor vehicle proposed to be used for taxi services.
  •  Any taxicab licensed through another jurisdiction transporting patrons into the City of Vernal shall be recognized as properly licensed within the City of Vernal 
  •  All taxicab services and their vehicles initiating a transport of patrons within Vernal City shall be required to have a business license.
  •  All new vehicles to be used as taxicabs shall be licensed.
  • Each applicant shall pay a fee for taxicab business license at the time of application or renewals

Taxi Cab

Taxi Cab Operator's license

  • Every applicant for a taxicab operator's license must submit the following information:
  • A current Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI)  If resided outside the State of Utah with the past ten (10) years, a Bureau of Criminal Identification criminal history check of
  • Application

No person shall operate a vehicle as a taxicab upon any street or highway within the corporate limits of Vernal City without first having obtained a taxicab operator license.